Best Luxury Summer Cocktails

Summer is finally here and regardless of the weather, here at The Milton Club, you can enjoy a variety of luxury cocktails, crafted with refreshing flavours, that will help you get in the mood for your summer evening out with friends. Discover our favourite luxury summer selections from our cocktail menu below:

Cucumber Breeze


Inspired by luscious British gardens, our Cucumber Breeze is perfect if you want something light and refreshing. Created with Bombay Sapphire Gin, St Germain Elderflower liqueur, apple juice, sugar syrup, mint leaves, cucumber slices and lime wedges, this cocktail has a subtle tang that beautifully contrasts with the freshness of the mint and the light flavour of fruit and cucumber. If you’re a fan of Gin and Tonic but would like to try one of our luxurious cocktails, we think the Cucumber Breeze would be a perfect choice for you.

Side Car Noir


From our Elite collection, our Martini Royal combines flavours of luxury, such as the Remy Martin 1738 “Accord” Royal Cognac, Cointreau, fresh lime juice and a dash of Cointreau Noir “Cognac and Orange Liqueur” to create an exquisite French classic. The classic Side Car cocktail was a firm favourite during the 1920s thanks to its combination of premium liquors. The Remy Martin cognac’s mellow tones of spices and butterscotch are complimentary of the fresh zest of the orange liqueur and the lime juice, creating a balanced, yet flavourful cocktail.

Mai Tai


The Mai Tai is a summer favourite amongst cocktail fans. Created with the tropical taste of Havana 3yr Rum, Havana Especial Amber Rum, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup and pineapple juice, the combination creates a smooth yet tangy flavour that will help you get in the mood for summer. If you enjoy cocktails such as a Pina Colada but would like to try something different with another tropical taste, the Mai Tai will be an ideal one for you to try.

Pornstar Martini


We love this famous favourite all year round, but we also believe the flavours makes it perfect during the summer. Mixed with Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Gifford Apricot Liqueur, fresh passion fruit puree, caramel sugar syrup and fresh lemon juice, the Pornstar Martini flavours are fresh and fruity with an added luxury from the shot of Moscato, making it a real treat during an evening.

Japanese Mojito


If there was ever a cocktail that could refresh you in one sip, it would be the Japanese Mojito. Famous for it’s effortless yet tangy combinations of flavour, it’s one of our favourites here at The Milton Club. Created with Havana 3yr Rum, kumquat wedges, fresh mint leaves, sugar syrup, topped with lemonade, this classic has a fizzy and crisp taste, perfect for this time of year.

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