The Most Expensive Spirits in the World

Luxury spirits have seen a rise in demand over the past two decades, thanks to popular culture including music videos and celebrity endorsements. They can also be rather difficult to find in bars due to their prices and availability. Sometimes, you'll have to search for higher-end cocktail bars and restaurants to try the best, most expensive spirits in the world. Which one of these would you love to try?

Diamond Jubilee by Johnnie Walker – £129,400+

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This incredible whisky was launched for Queen Elizbeth II's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and was carefully created by the people working for Johnny Walker's distillery. There was only 60 ever made, making this spirit extremely rare and all the profits made from the whisky was donated to Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust. Shaped like a diamond, it truly is a beautiful bottle to have in anyone's possession and a very sophisticated way to celebrate The Queen.

Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII Anniversary Edition - £129,340+

remy-martin-cognac-louis-xiiiTo celebrate 140 years of the Louis XIII, Remy Martin released their special edition bottle of cognac. This incredibly expensive drink was crafted with ingredients that range from 40-100 years old, making it a significant yet very difficult spirit to get your hands on.

Dalamore 62 - £156,800+


With only 12 bottles ever made of this ever made, it'll set you back more than 150k. Luckily for the people who actually own this whisky, it'll only go up in price as the years go on. One day it'll be a vintage classic worth even more than it is now, making it an ideal investment for connoisseurs. These bottles were originally launched in 2001 but the last available bottle for sale was sold in 2011.

Legacy Angostura - £193,000+

If you're a fan of cocktails, you may have heard of Angostura bitters being mixed to make some of the most famous ones around. This was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago’s independence. Made from very rare rum with spicy flavours, it's one that is aged for seventeen years to get its incredible taste.

Pasion Azteca Platinum Liquor Bottle - £2,310,00+

pastonIf you want to step it up when it comes to your alcohol collection, perhaps this incredibly expensive bottle will do the trick.  This Pasion Azteca Tequila has an eye-watering price tag, but once we tell you why, you'll understand. Not only is this crafted with exquisite and rare ingredients, but the bottle is decorated with engraved platinum. If you were to buy this, you'd have to lock it in a password protected glass cabinet, just to be on the safe side.

D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme - £27,000,000.00+


This is probably one of the most expensive bottles of alcohol ever. Even if you had the cash, we think you'd be waiting a long time to get this since it is so rare. This vintage looking bottle designed by a British designer from Liverpool called Stuart Hughes who is known for exceptional luxury products. On the neck of this bottle, there are 13 carat single cut diamonds. Not only that, but the bottle is designed with one of the world's rarest diamond that is 18.5 carats.

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