Classics with a twist: The Mojito


A Mojito is a classic cocktail, famous for it's refreshing minty flavour and fizz. Many people love it just the way it is, and so do we, but we also think it's a great idea to add a twist to it for that extra flavour. How can you update your classic Mojito? Below we'll list the small changes that could make a huge difference for the summer.

Add: Blackberries and Chambord.

If you love berry flavours with a little bit of a kick, adding some fresh blackberries and Chambord will transform a classic Mojito in seconds, perfect for the summer.

Add: Pineapple and Passionfruit juice

If you're a fan of tropical cocktails but aren't a fan of anything too creamy, adding pineapple and passionfruit will give a summer time, refreshing twist without taking too much away from the minty flavour.

Add: Ginger Beer

Adding a few splashes of ginger beer to a mojito will add a perfect amount of spice to the mint. Ginger beer is a firm favourite during the summer and is a great way to update a classic cocktail.

Add: Elderflower and slices of Cucumber

If you love fresh and fizzy gin and tonics but want to try something different, adding elderflower and slices to cucumber to a mojito compliments the fresh flavours and creates a very subtle yet sweet taste.

Add: Strawberry and Lime

This popular fruit combination is a great twist on a classic mojito. The juicy strawberries and zingy lime are the perfect addition to the mint leaves.

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