Five reasons to host a Christmas Sharer Party


Here at The Milton Club, we introduced "Sharer" parties to our customers because it's a great way to host a party where you can still mix with other people in the venue. If you have a smaller group in the office or would like the opportunity to party with others, hosting a Christmas sharer party is the perfect pick for you this season. Below are five reasons to host one of these parties during the festive season.

It works wonders for smaller groups.
If your office headcount or close friendship group is a little on the smaller side, a Christmas Sharer party is perfect becauseĀ it won't be too quiet if your office has only 10 employees or less.

It's incredible for getting to know new people.
In Manchester, you'll find many different networking events, and The Milton Club is the perfect setting for one. With decorations, Christmas cocktails and talented DJs, we can host an incredible night that will get everyone in a good mood to chat and get to know one another.

The atmosphere
If you're the type who loves to meet new people, a sharer party is excellent because your guests can invite friends or partnersĀ to join a little later without it feeling awkward. A sharer party full of people is a great way to add a welcoming atmosphere to guests as soon as they walk through the door.


Booths are available
You can hire out a particular area or booth in The Milton Club, so your group can still have a special place to gather and enjoy the party. This works really well if you want to order any special bottles of liqueur or sparklers to give your party a festive feel.

Amazing DJs
If you haven't visited The Milton Club before, you're missing out! Our DJs play a mixture of classic Hip Hop and RnB that will get everyone on the dancefloor and it won't feel too cliche for Christmas.

To book your sharer party, talk to us about booths and available areas to hire by contacting us here for more information.