Introducing our new Christmas cocktails


It is leading up to the festive time of year, and it just wouldn't be right if we didn't create amazing Christmas cocktails to help celebrate. Each incredibly delicious cocktail is £8, which we think is a great price for special edition flavours. Below, discover our three Christmas cocktails added to our menu.

Sugared Almond


If you would like to experience a smooth and fruity flavour, our Sugared Almond cocktail is the one for you. Crafted with Remy VSOP, almond syrup, lemon juice, egg white and raspberries. You'll instantly get that subtle almond with a flash of freshness from the raspberries.

Italian Gingerbread


If you like your cocktails sweet but with a hint of Festive warmth, our Italian Gingerbread will tick all your boxes. Created with Montenegro Liqueur for a zesty flavour, Chambord raspberry for fruitiness and gingerbread syrup for a dash of spice, it'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy. For a little bit of fizz, we finish the cocktail by topping it with soda water to satisfy your thirst.

The Milton Cramble


Last but certainly not least is our simple yet standout flavour brought to you by The Milton Cramble. With Absolut Apple, caramel and cinnamon syrup, it tastes like an apple pie baked to perfection and is ideal for this time of year.

Christmas Cocktail Masterclasses

xmas-masterclassIf you're a huge fan of cocktails and you'd like to learn how to make them with your friends before an amazing festive night, why not book our Christmas Cocktail Masterclass? Starting at just £25 per person, it's a great way to get a party, hen night or Christmas night out started in style while enjoying some incredibly luxurious cocktails. Contact us here to arrange yours.

If you would like to book a sophisticated Christmas party, don't hesitate to contact us here so we can talk about how we could make the perfect Festive event a reality. To view the rest of our cocktails, click here and discover our full menu.