How we can dress up your Christmas party at The Milton Club


Here at the Milton Club, we offer exclusive Private Hire where you can choose to hire out a variety section of the venue or the entire floor plan. If you don't want to leave planning a Christmas party last minute, we can talk you through our packages and everything we have to offer within your budget. Whether it's a small gathering or a huge party, our dedicated staff can help you plan absolutely everything.

Christmas parties are extra special because it's a time where you can really make an event look festive. We have different accessories that can create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. Continue reading to find out the ways we can dress up your Christmas party at The Milton Club.

The Milton Club Christmas Tree and Balloons

At our venue, we like to keep it sophisticated. Our branding colours are black and gold which is perfect for a festive event that doesn't look cliche. Our black and gold balloons are ideal because they easily transform an area and won't clash with any outfits on photographs.

Christmas Tree
It wouldn't be Christmas without a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, accessorized with carefully selected accessories to keep it classy. Not only do we have a large tree, but we have smaller ones dotted around the venue, so everywhere you turn, you'll always get that Christmassy vibe.


Christmas Cocktails
A perfect Instagram photo at a festive party isn't complete without cocktails. Our beautifully presented limited edition Christmas cocktails are delicious after every sip and look incredibly elegant.

Champagne with an ice fountain
If you would like to make your night truly memorable for yourself and guests, having a bottle of delectable champagne with ice foundation sparklers delivered to your table will make a huge impact. We recommend an incredible bottle of Dom Pérignon to share with friends at your special Christmas event.


Imagine walking into your event and having beautiful lighting to perfectly compliment the festive time of year? We can arrange fairy lighting to surround the venue to create the perfect ambience. If you have any ideas yourself, you can discuss this with one of our dedicated members of staff to help you get presentation perfect for you.

If you would like to speak to us about a potential Christmas private hire event, contact us here to discover more about what we can do to really bring your ideas to life.