10 Interesting Facts About Gin


The world has gone crazy for Gin and after seeing different flavours being released by brands, it's safe to assume the hype isn't going anywhere. Here at The Milton Club, we think gin is one of the easiest spirits to drink and it can taste completely different depending what you pair it with. If you didn't know already, gin has something interesting facts about it that might surprise you. Read on if you're a gin fan.

Gin is English
There are many incredible companies that excel at a particular spirit and for our country, it's Gin.

Gin was very (very) popular in the early 1700s.
Just before the 1730s, you could buy gin in over 6 thousand places if you wanted to.

If you were in the Navy back in the old days, you may have had your fair share of gin.
If you wanted to try your very best to stop yourself from developing scurvy, in the Royal Navy you would have mixed gin with lime cordial.

The biggest Gin drinkers are actually the Philippines.
We're not kidding, and they're pretty good at drinking it too. They consume an estimated 25 million cases every year.

Gin is made from the Juniper Berry but it's not actually a berry.
Sure, it looks like one thanks to its appearance being very similar to blueberries, but it's actually a seed cone.

Gin isn't meant to be consumed on its own.
This spirit is made for cocktails because it's flavour is the best when mixed with fruit juices, purees and other spirits.

It was a favourite amongst Royals.
In fact, the Queen Mother enjoyed a sophisticated glass of gin and Dubonnet.

The author of James Bond created The Vesper cocktail.
It's slightly different from the Martini because it's created with gin, vodka and vermouth complete with a lemon twist.

Pretty much all Gin's juniper berries are wild picked.
It's a great way to create the perfect gin and you'll get a great bottle every time.

You will always find a gin that you like.
Gin can be incredibly varied thanks to the way they're created and what they are made with. Some are sweeter than others thanks to the fruit flavours and spices.

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