10 Facts about Louis XIII Cognac


  1. 1. Louis XIII was the King of France and ruled from ruled 1610–1643.

  3. 2. The Cognac is stored in oak casks, to give it a better flavour.

  5. 3. Remy Martin was founded in 1724 and is still based in the southwestern French city of Cognac.

  7. 4. It's created to help you discover a new flavour with every sip and it's crafted with flavours of spices, dried fruits and flowers.

  9. 5. When it comes to Cognac, VS stands for very special, VSOP is very superior old pale and XO is extra old.

  11. 6. Due to its blends with flavour, it's designed to be easy to drink and non-burning to the throat unlike many cognacs on the market.

  13. 7. The USA and Asia drink the most cognac and it's surprising to learn that France only drinks 3% of all cognac produced.

  15. 8. Each bottle of Louis XIII 100 years to make from start to finish.

  17. 9. It doesn't age like wine or whiskey. Once bottled, it stays exactly the same age.

  19. 10. Cognac is best paired with seafood, which is why sushi and salmon is a perfect canape to choose at our Limitless event.

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