How to organise the perfect Hen party


If you’ve ever attended a Hen party, you know how important it is to strike the perfect balance between having a fun yet sophisticated night and this can take a lot of effort if you are organising one yourself. Here at The Milton Club, we can help create an event to suit the bride’s needs and tastes, so everyone can have an unforgettable night. Below are some of our tips to help you plan the perfect Hen Party, that we can also help you with, every step of the way here at The Milton Club.

Try not to organise too many venues.


Activities are fantastic for a hen-night, but if you have quite a few booked in different venues, you and your hen party could end up walking for a long time in high-heels. Instead, try to keep everything in close proximity and then you hop from one place to the other with little effort. We can help organise fun activities for you and your hen night to experience in one of our private booths, so you can have your own party but join everyone else in the club as often as you like.

Keep your activities to a good number.

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Keeping a hen night interesting is an absolute must, but try not to do too much in a short space of time. Hen nights are a great way for people to get to know each other before the big event, which might be difficult if activities feel rushed. We’d advise keeping the count at 1-3 so that there is still plenty of room to catch up and have quality time with your guests. We host cocktail masterclasses for parties, where our knowledgeable bartenders can teach you the art of cocktail making. This is great if you want your guests to mingle, have fun and enjoy a luxurious drink.

Set a realistic budget to suit everyone.


We understand that budgets are extremely important, so we can talk you through everything you can do without breaking it. When you book a booth at The Milton Club, all costs are pre-organised before the night and deposits are taken off the minimum spend prices, so you can discuss this with guests beforehand and have one less thing to worry about on the night. Also, on Friday and Saturday nights, we host “Limitless” which includes free-flowing drinks and canapes from 8pm-10pm. This can make a huge difference and will be fantastic if you would like to eat a little something before the night truly begins without any additional cost.

Customise any booths or tables you book.

Our decor at The Milton Club is our signature white, black and gold.
We love a sophisticated party, but sometimes keeping it too minimal can sometimes make it look anything but a Hen night. We think it’s important to dress up a private booth to celebrate a Bride, even if you do want to keep it simple. Here at The Milton Club, we can talk to you about the special touches you might want to add to your night in order to make it fully enjoyable.

Cocktails, Prosecco and lots of it.

If the bride has a firm favourite cocktail or Prosecco, we can help order in speciality brands upon request. We also have an incredible drinks menu which includes classic, signature, premium and elite cocktails for you and your guests to enjoy. Not only that, but we have a range of champagne available to make the night truly special. These can be deducted from your minimum spend tab after booking a booth.

Quiz the Bride to be.

You might think cheeky accessories and activities are a brilliant idea, but you need to discover what your bride will be comfortable with. The last thing you want is a bride-to-be that feels out of place on her big night, even if it’s always been your mission to get her out of her shell. Instead, quiz her about the different hen nights she’s attended and what she does or doesn’t like about them. That way, you can have a rough idea of what she’ll like to do and whether she’d like to go all out with decor and props.

Pick a venue everyone will enjoy.

The Milton Club plays a range of classic R&B, perfect for any Hen night.

People will have different tastes in venues, so getting a good balance that pleases everyone can be difficult. However, on Saturday nights at The Milton Club, we play a mix of classic R&B that is perfect for dancing to. If you are coming here after an activity or meal elsewhere, we can also organise transport to get to and from the venue in style, which will help the night run smoothly for you, the bride-to-be, and your guests.

Discuss a dress-code.


If you want your bride to be the only person in colour or a metallic shade, or you want everyone to be wearing the same, make sure you organise this beforehand with your party so that there are no mishaps. Along with this, we can help decorate a private booth in The Milton Club’s classic black and gold, which will keep your event sophisticated and will help the bride stand out.

Always set a date very early on.

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The last thing you need is for guests to drop out of a hen night because of conflicting events. Make sure you discuss different weekends and dates so you can all agree on a particular night, so the bride has everyone there she wants. If people are travelling from different cities, they will need to know dates early on, so that can book an affordable travel, such as a flight or train. Not getting this set in stone months in advance could create problems sooner than you think!

Organise hotels for you and your guests.

If you want to spend the night in the city centre, here at The Milton Club, we can recommend beautiful hotels and help you organise your stay at a discounted rate. This is great if you have more than a couple of guests travelling in, or if you don’t want your night to end before you’re ready. For the start and the end of the night, we can also arrange for private cars for you and your guests, so you don’t have to worry about walking around to find your hotel.

If you are planning a hen night for a bride-to-be, our dedicated staff here at The Milton Club can discuss with you how we can customise the night and make it a fantastic experience and celebration for her. Contact us below to speak to our team who will help you plan the night every step of the way.